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Have you heard of "SUPER STRAINS"
Looking for a good strain to grow
whats the best strain
Locate a strain for me
can anyone identify this strain please?
1st Grow... CFL's... Unknown strain... ( new pics )
Female seeds - which strain to get
what are the best strains of seed for outdoor grow in uk?
opinions on these strains...
Which Strain for outdoor grow?
most potent/fastest maturing strains...
Anyone grown any Dr.Atomic strains?
Confused on Strains
strong outdoor strains ?s
Headies new strains!
anyone know this strain?
hmm which strain?
Most Potent Indoor Strain
how do you mix strains
Highest yielders... what strain??
Anyone heard of the Nightmare strain?
help 9 year old strain is dieing
Master Kush + Another unknown strain...
dont know if it should go here but strain?
help newbie question about some strains/ seed age
Unknown Strain for my delicous budz any guesses? PICS
Strain question
(Pics)My first big strain grow. (Bubblelicious)
does anybody know strains


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