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Growing Cannabis With
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
(Low budget weed growing with TL LIGHT)

Yeah, its just two plants under a couple of 68 watt florescents but the trichomes are plentiful. Its a really low tech setup but pretty effective and it takes just a fraction of a closet. (Click the pictures for a BIGGER picture)
This is a shot of the florescents pulled away. White Walls reflect and with the angle of the flos, no part of the plant is more than 3 or 4 inches away from the light. I put the plants on top of cans so that they were in the sweetspot (the middle 2 foot of the flos). The only cost I had for this grow was to buy two florescent fixtures and bulbs and they came to $13.76 cents
Here is the bottom bud on one of the plants:
I know I could buy a little hps or mh but Im a student and I have practically no money at all. And I had to leave these flos alone quite a bit and have the door closed. There was practically no heat buildup at all so I could completely close the door. My apartment is so old and leaky I didn't even have to worry about ventilation. The pot smelled only a little and one of those little heated stickups took care of the smell completely. I know more light and better ventilation would do better but I'm pretty happy with these two so far.

These lower and middle buds are starting to frost a lot.
Here is a shot of one of the top buds. It too is starting to resin up nicely. These plants spent 9 days over the Christmas break locked in the closet. My roommate had his very straight sister staying in the apartment with him and she never suspected a thing. I watered them right before I left and they were still a little moist 9 days later. I only have had to fertilize 3 times. Once after a week, once at 24 days after I turned the lights down to 12/12 and once after 21 days of flowering.
I'm really hoping to get 3/4 to 1 ounce combined between the two plants. The buds are surprisingly solid and very resiny so I can still hope. I figure I have 2 weeks left of budding so I hope the resin keeps coming.

Here are some lower buds. The plants don't smell much but if you wipe a little resin off the leaf, then it smells just like pine tar.
Well, I was wrong about the wattage. The right wattage is 68 per light.

I use one warm red and one cool white in each ballast. You have to be more careful with the warm reds because the plant leaf will burn if it contact the bulb. The cool whites are no problem. Even if the leave contacts the bulb for days, it doesn't burn.

Heres a shot of the bulb.